EQ Lending

EQ Lending emerged from a very simple idea. Two innovative and pioneering young mortgage brokers, experienced success, but saw that they needed more from their brokerage. They wanted to be in business for themselves in the purest sense, and knew their brokerage – while serving a purpose (a place to hang a license undoubtedly) failed to invigorate or galvanize them to reach uncharted pinnacles of achievement.

It felt as if the administrative, and licensing, and organizational, and all those other fees, were akin to paying taxes – something they were obligated to do, but failed to benefit from in terms of value or appreciation for their substantial contributions. They searched and searched for more relevant brokerages, brokerages that would cater to them, yet their search was fruitless. Then it dawned upon them – there must be others out there with the same oppressive fees, the same lackluster service, and the same dreams of success. They decided the only logical solution was to create a brokerage that they wished they had worked with, rather than for.

Utilizing a wide variety of sources and consulting with numerous industry specialists, they determined several key transformations must occur for their brokerage to achieve not only their goals, but also those of their brokers. They believed in putting more revenue in the hands of the broker, without reducing the level of support
and service that is expected of a reputable institution.

The reasoning behind placing extra profits in the hands of brokers – because they believed you know your business best, and you know how to invest for your success in the best possible manner. Your success is our success, in every possible way.

Service is anticipated, however in many cases, it becomes inconvenient, as managers or owners are unavailable, or out of town, or simply cannot be bothered with “mundane” questions from an “employee”. With the advent of numerous exciting Web-based solutions, these two innovate and pioneering young mortgage brokers, provided a focus upon Web-based education and services. The service and education extends from the consumer to the brokers who work with EQ Lending.

Moreover, EQ Lending truly focuses upon the client. We never forget that our client is what we work for, and whom we work with. We believe in finding the true purpose behind every loan, what it means to them, and we strive to exceed all expectations.

EQ Lending is not only the consumer’s number one choice, but also the broker’s number one choice.

  • Designed by: Samuel Lawrence Ong