Wilco Westcoast

With over 17 years in B.C. and 50 years of total history, Wilco has become expert in the construction and delivery of built landscapes. Services in project management and construction of parks, sport facilities, as well as environmental, landscape and civil works make Wilco a leader in delivering complex projects to its clients. Projects constructed by Wilco Westcoast are found throughout Southwestern B.C., Vancouver Island, and the Interior of B.C.

Wilco Westcoast is part of the Wilco group of companies across Western Canada which form the largest civil and landscape development group in Canada. Local ownership and management, however, ensures that our focus remains on building a quality product, guaranteeing client satisfaction.

We thrive on diversity and challenges and seek out projects that require the depth of experience and knowledge that we have accumulated through the vast array of projects we have built throughout B.C. and Western Canada. Wilco’s professional team of project managers, contract administrators, and work force are ready to take on what ever project you may have.